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Competence 3-Dimensional From the Beginning

Ingenieurbüro Werk GmbH was founded in November 1997 and focuses on the AVEVA planning tools E3D and PDMS. For these systems we offer support, catalog work, application programming and system planning. The office has five employees, some of whom have been familiar with the AVEVA tools since 1993.

Our range of services includes:

  • Catalog and specification work

  • Application and plugin programming

  • Execution of planning services

  • E3D administration in Draw, Isodraft and general administration

Catalogs and specifications

The catalog or specification environment is often somewhat neglected when working on projects at the beginning, but then it quickly becomes the linchpin. This applies in particular when a project is to be implemented under time-critical conditions. (And when isn't that the case?)

The scope of pipe specifications, cable route systems and fittings to be used required in the projects are very diverse and repeatedly result in corresponding catalog work.

The order texts often have individual requirements. This also has an impact on the catalog environment.

Since we worked on complex projects for large partners at a very early stage and were also responsible for very demanding project sections such as high-pressure systems, we had to face the requirements in the areas of administration as well as catalog and specification work since the mid-1990s.

This has resulted in a wealth of know-how that enables us to react effectively and cost-effectively to the constraints mentioned above.

As our reference list shows, companies from a wide range of application areas have used this know-how. We provide catalogs and specifications for
  • Pipes of various standards
  • Pipe brackets from different manufacturers
  • Cable trays from different manufacturers
  • Fittings according to customer requirements or manufacturer-independent

The customer standard applies to the structuring and coding of the catalogues. Where that is not enough, our experience with the clear design of the catalog background is incorporated in consultation with the customer.

»New Bolting« and intelligent texts are put to good use.

Application programming

In addition to the price and quality of the actual material, the software solutions available in the field of pipe support planning can increasingly decide which manufacturer is chosen.

We have designed extensive planning tools for a number of leading manufacturers of modular steel construction, with which the planning time can be greatly reduced, replanning is easily possible and bills of materials and drawings can be generated quickly and correctly.

Administrative Services

The individual modules of PDMS and E3D are closely intertwined. This results in the possibility of working through many processes in the course of the project in a highly efficient manner. This requires a well-considered and routine way of working, skilful use of the Isodraft tool, sensible coordination of the catalog background (e.g. on Isodraft) and the like.

Under this premise, we are in close contact with various companies and support projects.


Our employees have many years of experience in system planning.

For this reason, we are available when it comes to working on projects where our customers need technical and capacitive support.

The following services can be provided in this context:

  • Piping and plant planning

  • Creation of technical documents for tender, production and assembly

  • Dimensioning, strength calculations (FERO) for pipe components

  • Creation of piping specifications in the ASME and DIN/EN area

  • 3D piping and system planning using AVEVA - E3D

  • Bracket planning with various tools, most of which come from our company (see references)

  • Preparation of piping plans, detailed drawings and isometrics

  • Maintenance of piping and fittings lists

  • 'as built' documentation